Brake System

Disc & Drum Brake Service, Anti-Lock Brake Service & Repair, Brake Hydraulic Systems, Power Brake Boosters, Emergency/Park Brake, Diagnosis & Repairs

Climate Control System

Air Conditioner/ Heater Performance Inspection,Air Conditioner / Heater Diagnostics & Repairs, Air Conditioner Evacuate & Recharge Service, Air Conditioner Retrofit, Motors Climate Control, System/ Blower Motors, AC Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator hoses, Enviornmental Freon Recycle Service

Fuel Systems

Fuel Injection Diagnosis & Repair, Fuel Injection Cleaning, Intake Manifolds, Carbureator System Diagnosis & Repair, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Filters, Exhaust Analyzer Testing

General Maintenance

Vehicle Detailing Service, Vehicle Upholstery Service, Vehicle Headliners, Key FOB Service, Interior Mold & Mildew, Disinfectant Service, CD & Cassette Cleaning, Pre Purchase Vehicle, Inspection, Engine Pressure Washing Service, Speedometer Calibration Service, Suddeth Automotive Service,

Drive Line

Differential Diagnosis & Repair, Differential Fluid Services, Differential Rebuilding / Replacement, Drive Axles Replacement, FWD Drive Shaft Service, Constance Velocity Joints (C/V Joints), Universal Joints ( U - Joints )

Engine Mechanical

Mechanical Testing, Diagnosis & Repairs, Engine Replacement, Cylinder Heads & Head Gaskets, Timing Belts / Timing Chains, Engine Mounts, Oil Leak Diagnosis & Repairs, Additives & Motor Flushes, Engine Block Test,


Transmission Diagnosis & Repair, Transmission Replacement, Transmission Fluid & Filter Services, Clutch Service ( Mechanical & Hydraulic), Flywheel, Transmission Leak Diagnosis & Repair, 4x4 Transfer Case Fluid Service, 4x4 Transfer Case Diagnosis & Repairs,

Engine Performance

Computer Engine Control System, Maintenance Tune - Up Service, Ignition System Diagnosis & Repair, Emission System Diagnosis & Repair, PCV / Breather System, EGR System, Engine De - Carbon Service,

Exhaust Systems

Mufflers, Tail Pipes, Exhaust Manifolds, Catalytic Converters, Exahust Gaskets, Clamps and Hangers, Exhaust System Inspection Replacement& Repairs

Preventive Maintenance

Oil Change Service, Transmission Fluid Service, ABS/ Brake Hydraulic Flush & Fill Service, Power Steering Hydraulic Flush & Fill, Cooling Flush & Fill Service, Fuel Injection Services, Engine De-Carbon Service, Differential Fluid Service, Vehicle Condition Inspections, Wiper Blades/ Washer, Interior Cabin Air Filter, Inspection and Replacement Manufacturer, Recommended Maintenance Service

Tires and Wheels

New Tire Sales and Service, Tire Rotation, Tire Balancing, Tire mounting, Tire Flat Repairs and Remove, Wheel Bearings, Vehicle Alignment

Cooling Systems

Cooling System Diagnosis & Services, Cooling System Flush & Fill Service, Radiator Repair & Replacement, Water Pump Repair & Replacement, Cooling Fans & Fan Clutches, Hoses, Belts and Heater Core Frost Plugs


Mirror (Rear & Side View), Window / Glass Service, Door Locks, Ignition Lock & Key Service, Brite Lites Plastics Lens, Restorer Service, Restraint Systems / Air Bags, Hood Supports / Trunk Support, Minor Body Repairs

Suspension & Steering

Shocks & Struts, Vehicle Springs, Air Ride Systems, Power Steering Systems, Gear Box / Rack & Pinion, Steering, Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Steering Linkage

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